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Do you see your income dropping due to the current economy, low sales, high ad costs, poor conversions, and underperforming marketing?
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     The world has changed drastically over the past few months, and what used to work like gangbusters before no longer has the same effect. Advertising costs are rising and will continue to climb moving forward. Now more than ever, it’s critical to convert online traffic into new clients quickly if we want to see the business growing.
     While most online marketers continue throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, trying to “hack” their way to a profit is amusing. The fact is copying, hacking, or buying the latest shiny object software, thinking it’s the missing piece to a profitable business, is delusional thinking, in my opinion. What grows an online business is straightforward – consistent sales. Knowing how to sell your products or services so you’re making sales every day is the key. 
Chris Koehl 
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Digital Marketing Specialist  for the past 18 years, helping online business owners, bypass the B.S. and create their own economy!
If you’d like to start increasing your sales,
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From the desk of: CK

     Dear Friend,

     If you’d like to know the secrets for triggering buying behavior that creates rabid sales, then here’s how the old-school direct response marketers did it before the Internet and why you can do the same thing today.
Short story for you:

     When I first started online back in 1998, I knew nothing about sales and marketing. All I knew is that I wanted to make money online, so I could afford to leave my job and never have to travel again. I would then be able to work from home full-time and be with my family.

     When I thought of “sales,” I thought about the stereotypical used car salesmen and all the hype they’d use trying to sell their cars.
Yuck, I did
NOT want to
do that.
     I’m also introverted.

     So the thought of talking to strangers didn’t excite me. When I started learning about sales, I got introduced to Dan Kennedy and direct response marketing. I was fascinated by how they sold things via the mail back in the day. I also noticed people starting to sell items online at the time. I became interested in doing this and started learning everything I could about direct response marketing, from some greats like; Eugene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy, and Claude C. Hopkins, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Sugerman, and Michael Masterson, etc.

     It was almost like they had magic powers and...
The ability to
legally print their
own money!
     How cool was this, I thought!

     Over the next few years, I started getting pretty good at selling products and services online myself. There were certain things I noticed all the legends doing while studying their ads and promos.

     I call them:
Sales Triggers™
     Over the past decade or so, I’ve been using these principles to sell more for myself and clients. If you’d like to boost your conversions, whether it’s getting more prospects, clients and growing your business overall, this short little program I put together might help you.

     Here’s the...
10 Sales Triggers™ that 
drive sales FAST!
10 Sales Triggers™ that 
drive sales FAST!
     Let’s take a look at what you’ll discover in my quick 36-minute audio training:
  •  SALES TRIGGER #1: The first known use of this sales trigger dates back to the mid-1700s. To this day, it’s still ONE of the most powerful ways to trigger buying behavior. Once you start using this, you’ll notice an uptick in prospects and clients. There’s a reason it’s been around so long - it WORKS!
  • SALES TRIGGER #2: The great Joe Sugerman used this sales trigger to sell over 20 million pairs of these world-famous sunglasses. To this day, this sales trigger is used by TOP copywriters still because it GETS RESULTS! (HINT: I’ve been using it throughout this entire letter :)
  • SALES TRIGGER #3: Using this sales trigger brings your sales copy to life. It takes it from weak to strong and allows your reader to see your product producing results immediately, triggering them to start reaching for their credit card and buying right away.
  • SALES TRIGGER #4: Top lawyers build their cases using this sales trigger, and it keeps jurors spell-bound in the courtroom. Once you start using this “throughout” your sales funnels, blog posts, emails, and videos, you’ll find sales quickly ramping up!
  • SALES TRIGGER #5: WITHOUT activating this sales trigger, you’ll find it extremely difficult making any kind of sales at all online. Most marketers get this wrong, and it merely lowers their status - which is another obstacle to getting the sale.
I’ll tell you the
SECRET so you can
start using this today.
  • SALES TRIGGER #6: Gary Bencivenga is widely-hailed as the world’s greatest living copywriter. This trigger is one of the most powerful he uses to generate massive sales. Now, you’ll be able to dial-up your sales with it too.
  • SALES TRIGGER #7: In 2005, I read a short 12-page report from a well known old-school Internet marketer (who later became a client of mine). In this report, he outlined in great detail this sales trigger. I quickly implemented it on a product I was selling at the time, and within 24 hours, my sales doubled! I’d recommend using this in all your marketing efforts.
  • ​SALES TRIGGER #8: This sales trigger is so powerful it CHANGES the state of someone getting pulled over by the cops. It influences people to do things they otherwise might not do. TOP pro’s use it to earn fees 5 to 10 times MORE than their competitors. Now you’ll be able to use this in your business and charge higher fees too.
  • SALES TRIGGER #9: It separates fly-by-night marketers from legit marketing professionals. I love using this sales trigger the most because it instantly creates a connection with your reader. Plus, it elevates your status and builds trust faster than anything else I’ve seen. 
  • SALES TRIGGER #10: One of the fastest ways to ascend your visitors is by using this sales trigger. It turns visitors into new prospects and then into clients quickly... 
WITHOUT using this
sales trigger, it’s harder to sell
your backend products.
     Let’s get down to business:
     Sales Triggers™ is an entry-level training program, not for advanced marketers. It’s all about the basics of sales persuasion and influence.
     If you’d like to start adding these Sales Triggers™ into your marketing campaigns and boost conversions quickly...
You must meet these
     Read carefully:

      First, there’s the price: Sales Triggers™ is a short report that costs $84 bucks. If your idea of “value” is based on the number of pages, you’ll be greatly disappointed. 

      The second is faith. You must have strong faith in yourself that you’ll take action on the principles I share in the program and start applying them right away to all your emails, blog posts, sales letters, podcasts, funnels, video training, and social media posts. 

     Simply because…
It does NOT come with
a money-back guarantee,
and all sales are final.

     Any serious business owner who needs a guarantee on this training, which costs under .25 cents per day over a year, is neither psychologically nor emotionally ready to use these principles anyway, which is fine with me.

     Last is patience. 

     These principles are simple, easy to follow, and take time to implement. If you think listening to this audio training once will make you a millionaire overnight, you’ll be greatly disappointed and should not even waste your time or money.

If you meet all the
qualifications above,
continue reading.
     Next step:

     Once you place your order below, you’ll receive an email with the Sales Triggers™ report in a PDF format.
One more thing, and
it’s important:
     The Sales Triggers™ program is in no way, shape, or form a “do it today and be making millions of dollars tomorrow!” type of program. If the idea of “creating your own economy” excites you and you’re expecting to develop it within a few days of listing to this audio training, it isn’t the right program for you!

     On the other hand, if you understand the power of mastering the fundamentals, keeping things simple, and taking consistent imperfect action, then...
Get access to my
Sales Triggers™ program
right now.
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P.S. For those of you still a little bit skeptical about this opportunity or if I can deliver everything I say I can...
Here’s What a Few
Private Clients Have to Say
About Us Working Together...
  • I UNDERSTAND: This M.A.P process includes two 45 minute strategy sessions with you over the phone (and skype). On the first call we'll dive deep into my business and exactly what I want to acheive. One the second call we'll walk through my NEW personalized M.A.P and each of the new eight step cycles my customers will be going through.
  •  I UNDERSTAND: I'll receive a complete personalized funnel map pdf, video review of my exsisting website and changes that need to be made. Resource section based on my personalized M.A.P. so I can take action right away.
  •   I UNDERSTAND: This process will take between 5-7 days before my M.A.P is ready for us to both review and go over. 
  •  I UNDERSTAND: Within the first day of reviewing my new personalized M.A.P with you over skype. If I DO NOT SEE how this can generate an EXTRA $10,000 over the next few months after taking action on it. You'll happly refund my purchase price of $1,495.00 - no questions asked!

ONE TIME OFFER: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Aut, quod hic expedita consectetur vitae nulla sint adipisci cupiditate at. Commodi, dolore hic eaque tempora a repudiandae obcaecati deleniti mollitia possimus.

     I look forward to helping you increase sales and create your own economy.
Chris Koehl
     P.S. For those of you still a little bit skeptical about this opportunity or if I can deliver everything I say I can...
Here’s What a Few
Private Clients Have to Say
About Us Working Together...
Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Trainer
"The guy is one of the best I've worked with in digital marketing..."
“Chris Koehl originally built out my first site over 17 years ago. 

And for the last seven years, I've been working with Chris on a daily basis. 

He's an incredible marketer, copywriter, and system designer. The guy is one of the best I've worked within digital marketing. 

If you get a chance to work with him, I highly recommend it.”
- Todd Falcone 
Jermey Miner
Top Sales Trainer & CEO 
"We brought in more clients than ever before..."
"By far Chris Koehl has been the best person I’ve ever hired on my sales funnels, and marketing automation! 

We brought in more clients than ever before and these were better quality clients which were the most important to us. 

If you are wanting to get results for your business than Chris Koehl is your guy... period!"
- Jermey Miner 
Tim & Laura Sales
Network Marketing Trainers
"Can't say enough about his expertise..."
“We worked with Chris for several years and can't say enough about his expertise in digital marketing. 

He does excellent work and is very fast and efficient with his time. 

He set up and automated all of the technical aspects of online marketing for our business. 

We highly recommend him.”
- Tim & Laura Sales 

     If you feel “Sales Triggers™” is right for you, and you’re ready to create your own economy – click the button below (it scrolls you up to the order form) to get immediate access right now!
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