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Are you buried deep in all the grunt work, grinding yourself further into the ground, exhausted, and tired of merely surviving in your online business? 
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     Where do you see your business over the next five years? Will you be grinding it out, hustling away in a consistent state of anxiety, stress, and frustration. Hoping to make the kind of money you’ve always wanted? Will you be following the latest guru, buying their shiny object, and hoping this is the one that’ll save your business?
     The cold hard truth is no one is coming to save you or your business. The only person that can save you – is you. And while everyone else online is blowing sunshine up your skirt, I’m here to give you the truth and help you create your ideal online digital empire. Some of you are not ready for this message yet, and I understand—the few who are ready to kick-ass, take names, and build your digital empire, keep reading.
Chris Koehl 
(aka 'CK')
Digital Marketing Specialist  for the past 18 years, helping online business owners, bypass the B.S. and build their digital empire!
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From the desk of: CK

Dear Friend,

     If you’d like to start flooding your CRM with a consistent flow of fresh new prospects and clients daily, build your digital empire, and genuinely having the ideal lifestyle business you’re looking for, then this letter may show you how.
It’s not sexy, and it takes
a lot of work.
     The cool thing is:

     Once you have it up and running, kiss your money worries goodbye. It’s not about “getting-rich-quickly” or becoming an “Influencer” where you sit back, do nothing, and get paid. 

     It’s about taking your vision for your ideal digital empire and making it a reality whether you’re a coach looking to get more clients and grow your coaching empire. Or whether you’re a freelance copywriter, digital marketer, network marketer, or an agency looking to build your digital empire.
 If you’d like to shave time off your learning curve,
hit your online business goals faster,
then I might be able to help.
     Quick story:

     My name is Chris Koehl (aka “CK”).

     Just 20 years ago, I worked as a service electrician. 

     Grinding away for "da man" 55 plus hours a week. I wasn’t struggling to make ends meet. Although things were great, one little problem gnawed away at my insides.

     You see, I became an electrician at 16. By the age of 24, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. At least that's what I thought. My niche was Carnival rides. Ferris Wheels, Tilt-A-Whirls, Zippers, Merry-Go-Rounds, etc. Name the ride, and I wired, assembled - and in some cases - transported them.

     For a young guy, it was fun work, and I was making decent money. I had a blast. Not for long, though. A couple of years later, reality came crashing in on me like a ton of bricks. 

     I began hating my job.
Dreading the career
I once loved.

     I'm glad you asked. 

     By this time, I was in a beautiful relationship, and we were starting our family. But my job required me to fly all over the country. I slept in hotels - away from my family - over 200 days per year. No amount of money was worth it.
I felt miserable and stuck,
like a trapped rat.
     Ever hear the term occupational slavery?

     It's pretty self-explanatory and described my situation perfectly. 

     My job handcuffed my life. 

     All I did was work and sleep. But what was I to do? Being an electrician was what I knew, and I had a family to support.
As you can imagine,
I wanted out fast!
     I decided to find some way to become wealthy.

     Or at least financially independent of a job. You might say my hobby was investigating money-making plans. I got suckered into every kind of "Get Rich" scheme out there because I wanted to get rich. 

     Then, one day, I received a free CD (remember those things) in the mail that changed my life forever. The free CD came from none other than good old America Online. These CD's kept popping up in my mailbox for months. After about six or seven of them, I got excited for some reason.

     I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet. But I did know if AOL could afford to send free CDs about the Internet, someone had to be making serious money! So, I did the most logical thing I could think of: I jumped in my car with my credit card in hand... made a "beeline" for the nearest electronics store... and... bought a brand new computer.
Little did I know my life
would never be the
same again.
     From then on: 

     I spent all my spare time online. 

     I knew there had to be a quick and easy way to get rich with it. However, for me, it wasn't quick, and it wasn't easy.

     In fact, my journey to online success was long and grueling. But nothing was going to stand in my way. I went on a "learning spree.” Pouring over six-figures into my sales, marketing, copywriting, and Internet education.
     I bought everything I could get my hands on from Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, the late Corey Rudl, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, Armand Morin, StomperNet, Joe Girard, Michel Fortin, Matt Furey and so on. If a product existed that I thought would help me make it online, I bought it.

     For over eight years, I've immersed myself 8 to 10 hours a day online. All of this learning and doing paid off handsomely. It allowed me to build a digital empire that produced millions of dollars in total for myself and my clients over seven short years.

You only need to know a
few things to drag in serious
amounts of money online and
build your digital empire.
     Those things include: 

     Putting the right type of prospects onto a list, converting them into paying clients, and of course, repeating the process consistently. 

     Really that's all there is to it.

     And for the first time in my online career, I’m going to share exactly how I’m still using these methods for myself and my clients to this day, that still get results!

     It’s all in my brand new paid newsletter... 
Called the
“CK Insider Newsletter™.”
Here’s just a few of the things I’ll be sharing monthly with my CK Insider Newsletter™ subscribers:
  • Developing the digital empire builder’s mindset. Here you’ll see how to get more done in less time. Once you start thinking like an “empire builder,” everything changes in your business. It goes way beyond merely trying to sell a product or service.
  • How to build your digital empire without spending thousands a month hiring a team of people. I have no employees, outsourcers, or virtual assistants. Yet, I’m still able to build my digital empire without grinding myself into the ground and working only a few hours per day.
  • The introverted method for selling high-ticket services without posting videos on social media, going “live,” and while still keeping your privacy and charging higher fees.
  • ​My unique method for cranking out and an endless stream of what I call “digital fuel.” Here you’ll see how I create all my strategic content that attracts ideal prospects like a magnet. It makes growing a high-quality list a breeze. 
  • Say goodbye to any type of technical overwhelm because...
You’ll see the same systems
I use today, which I like to call
 – Tech-Free Systems!
  • How to plan out your entire digital empire first, so you’re not wasting time on things that distract you from hitting your goals. You’ll see how to make sure you’re on track, regardless of any client projects you still have to get done.
  • ​A simple system for cranking out daily emails that drive engagement and sales like crazy! I learned this from one of my mentors, a crotchety old dude who hardly ever leaves his lair in Oregon. 
  • ​An insider look at all my top sales funnels I’ve designed for myself and clients – that build digital empires fast. Once you start using these in your business, conversions start ramping up quickly.
  • And a whole lot more, including… 
     How to drive quality traffic to your funnels… A simple technique for getting your competition’s clients buying from you (totally legal, by the way)… The insider secret to crafting your irresistible offers that sell products and services fast… How to get your prospects hunting down your emails in their inbox and devouring your content first thing – and, perhaps best of all...
Getting fresh new clients daily
and effortlessly running
your digital empire!
     Here’s the deal:
     Each month my CK Insiders™ get access to ONE new digital empire-building strategy from me, which they can use in their business right away. We go deep into one area for the month because I’m all about mastering the fundamentals and keeping things simple.
CK Insider Newsletter
*(NOTE: This is a digital representation of the newsletter.)
To become a CK Insider™
Newsletter subscriber, you MUST meet
three specific qualifications.
     Read carefully:

     First, there’s the price: The CK Insider Newsletter™ is an expensively thin 16-page digital pdf document that costs $115.00 per month. If your idea of “value” is based on the number of pages (or stuff you get), you’ll be greatly disappointed. 

     The second is belief. You must have a strong belief in yourself that you’ll take action on the strategies I share each month. 

     Simply because...
This monthly subscription does
NOT come with a money-back guarantee,
and all sales are final.
     More on this:

     Any stable business owner who needs a safety net is neither psychologically nor emotionally ready to use these strategies inside each issue anyway, which is perfectly ok with me.

     Finally, the third is patience. 

     My methods are simple, easy to follow, and take time to implement. These are “slow-burn” strategies that have been working for decades for my clients and me. Each one of these is a brick (with a little bit of mortar) building your digital empire one brick at a time. If you’re looking for a cheatsheet, swipe file, hack, or any other type of cheap trick to make a “quick buck,” you’ll be wasting your time and money here. 

If you feel you meet all the
qualifications above,
then proceed.
     Here’s what’s included each month in my CK Insider Newsletter™:
  • ONE actionable digital empire-building strategy delivered in an easy to read 16-page pdf right on your mobile device. This way, you’re able to consume it within about 20 minutes or so on either your tablet, smartphone, or desktop. (Heck, you can even print this thing out and read it in the bathtub if you like :-)
  • ​ONE how-to training where I’ll walk you through the exact steps needed to execute that month’s empire-building strategy. Sometimes this will be in an audio or video format. This way, you’ll know exactly how to do it, without having to depend on someone else. It’s all about empowering you and moving into action fast.
  • Get your questions answered by me. If you have any questions related to digital marketing overall or about the month’s specific strategy, you’ll be able to email me directly. (This alone is worth the investment of a few bucks per day because my hourly rate is $1,500.00 with a two-hour minimum.)
     Here’s what happens next:

     Once you place your order below, you’ll receive an email with complete instructions on how to access the CK Insider Newsletter’s™ current month’s issue.
One more thing, and
it’s important:
     The CK Insider Newsletter™ is in no way, shape, or form a “do it today and be making millions of dollars next week!” type of newsletter. If the “idea” of building your digital empire excites you and you’re expecting to develop it within a few days by reading only one issue…
It isn’t the right
newsletter for you!
     On the other hand, if you understand the power of mastering the fundamentals, keeping things simple, and not falling for shiny objects - while putting your head down and getting to work. 

     Now is the time to decide and secure your spot to become a “CK Insider.™”

     If you agree to the terms and conditions on this page – please check the following boxes, fill in the secure order form below, and let’s get to work building your digital empire!
YES, Chris! - I'm ready to become a
“CK Insider Newsletter™” subscriber,
and build my digital empire!
(NOTE: Boxes below must be checked to place order.)
I UNDERSTAND: I get ONE new digital empire-building strategy each month to implement right into my business and greatly benefit from!
I UNDERSTAND: I’ll be able to email you directly when I have a question; this way, I’ll have nothing holding me back from taking action and hitting my goals!
I UNDERSTAND: There are no refunds and all sales are final. I also realize you’re NOT making any income claims, and you’re not guaranteeing any results. It’s 100% up to me to take action on everything you share with me and implement it into my own business!
     Sound good?

     Cool, let’s get you signed up now.
Fill in the form below to begin
 the journey of building your
 digital empire:
Step #1: Select Option
$115 per month.
Step #2: Contact Information
Step #3: Billing Address
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Credit Card Number:
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Expiry Month:
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Dynamically Updated
  • I UNDERSTAND: This M.A.P process includes two 45 minute strategy sessions with you over the phone (and skype). On the first call we'll dive deep into my business and exactly what I want to acheive. One the second call we'll walk through my NEW personalized M.A.P and each of the new eight step cycles my customers will be going through.
  •  I UNDERSTAND: I'll receive a complete personalized funnel map pdf, video review of my exsisting website and changes that need to be made. Resource section based on my personalized M.A.P. so I can take action right away.
  •   I UNDERSTAND: This process will take between 5-7 days before my M.A.P is ready for us to both review and go over. 
  •  I UNDERSTAND: Within the first day of reviewing my new personalized M.A.P with you over skype. If I DO NOT SEE how this can generate an EXTRA $10,000 over the next few months after taking action on it. You'll happly refund my purchase price of $1,495.00 - no questions asked!

ONE TIME OFFER: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Aut, quod hic expedita consectetur vitae nulla sint adipisci cupiditate at. Commodi, dolore hic eaque tempora a repudiandae obcaecati deleniti mollitia possimus.

This Program is No Longer Open

At this time I'm not taking on new clients for this.

I look forward to reviewing your application and possibly working with you. 
Chris Koehl
P.S. For those of you still a little bit skeptical about this opportunity or if I can deliver everything I say I can...
Here’s What a Few
Private Clients Have to Say
About Us Working Together...
I look forward to helping you build your digital empire!
Chris Koehl
P.S. For those of you still a little bit skeptical about this opportunity or if I can deliver everything I say I can...
Here’s What a Few
Private Clients Have to Say
About Us Working Together...
Todd Falcone
Network Marketing Trainer
"The guy is one of the best I've worked with in digital marketing..."
“Chris Koehl originally built out my first site over 17 years ago. 

And for the last seven years, I've been working with Chris on a daily basis. 

He's an incredible marketer, copywriter, and system designer. The guy is one of the best I've worked within digital marketing. 

If you get a chance to work with him, I highly recommend it.”
- Todd Falcone 
Jermey Miner
Top Sales Trainer & CEO 
"We brought in more clients than ever before..."
"By far Chris Koehl has been the best person I’ve ever hired on my sales funnels, and marketing automation! 

We brought in more clients than ever before and these were better quality clients which were the most important to us. 

If you are wanting to get results for your business than Chris Koehl is your guy... period!"
- Jermey Miner 
Tim & Laura Sales
Network Marketing Trainers
"Can't say enough about his expertise..."
“We worked with Chris for several years and can't say enough about his expertise in digital marketing. 

He does excellent work and is very fast and efficient with his time. 

He set up and automated all of the technical aspects of online marketing for our business. 

We highly recommend him.”
- Tim & Laura Sales 

     If you feel the “CK Insider Newsletter™” is right for you, and you’re ready to start building your digital empire – click the button below (it scrolls you up to the order form) to get started right now!
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